Stakeholders are talking about alternative ways to provide workers benefits and labor protections without going as far as reclassifying independent contractors as employees.
The business community is pushing back on AB5-like legislation in New York. This is what they’re proposing instead.
Lawmakers are looking to finally get Carlos’ law over the finish line in the upcoming session, a bill that would establish the crime of endangering the welfare of a worker and increase fines on negligent developers.
Will lawmakers boost workers’ rights next session?
Governor Cuomo shakes hands with MTA construction workers.
The governor started out by bashing labor, but later embraced unions. Where is he heading next?
Construction workers
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams’ bill is meant to expand opportunities for training.
Garbage truck
The two biggest unions in commercial waste hauling have never gotten along.
New York City Council members show support for Local 232 union members.
It could limit their influence, but few are openly opposed.
A delivery cyclist.
You may have OT, minimum wage and discrimination safeguards. Does your delivery guy?
Construction workers
Should construction workers get paid more for projects that get tax breaks?
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signing legislature that expands equal pay laws proceeding the start of the New York City ticker tape parade celebrating the U.S. women’s soccer team’s World Cup victory.
New state law prohibits employers from asking for salary history.
Uber app.
Both labor and industry are fighting the 11th-hour legislation.