Small Business

New York City and state legislators are passing new laws to make it easier for MWBEs to get contracts.
The pandemic hit MWBEs particularly hard, making New York City and state contracting even more important.
Only a small fraction of the money from the $100 million program announced by Governor Cuomo in May has been given out.
Reach is limited by its focus on small businesses, landlords and nonprofits who haven’t received federal support.
Councilman Donovan Richards, who chairs the committee on public safety.
Natural disasters won’t stop just because we did.
Shuttered storefronts in NYC during COVID-19.
New legislation would require insurers to pay out due to the coronavirus – regardless of what their policies say.
Nydia Valazquez
Amid backlash against large companies getting federal loans, Nydia Velázquez calls for transparency.
Domino Park at the old sugar factory in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn business improvement districts want to grow their neighborhoods - without spurring gentrification.
New York City street vendors.
The City Council could take action, but it hasn’t.
The state Legislature is finalizing a legislative package on state contracting for minority and women-owned businesses.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hosts a roundtable with senior military officers.
City programs boost businesses owned by minorities and women – but not veterans.
President Donald Trump arrives at the G7 Summit on June 8 in Quebec.
Businesses and farms near the Canadian border depend heavily on international trade.