Facial recognition technology.
The No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act builds on growing suspicion of technology like facial recognition and its flaws.
The storefront of the now-closed New York City department store Lord & Taylor.
The tech company may be looking for office space in New York City (again).
A biometric clock.
The technology, however, isn't impervious to abuse.
An online census could negatively impact those who are low-income.
Crowded subway platform.
A software bug that caused numbered subway lines to malfunction causes concerns over the MTA's systems.
Uber and Lyft drivers protest outside the New York Stock Exchange on May 8.
What would happen if drivers took advantage of an antitrust loophole and incorporated into a single entity?
A drone being used at a construction site.
Groups like the New York Civil Liberties Union have raised red flags over surveillance and invasion of privacy concerns. 
Queens will be the first borough to see more stations.
The interior of a ride-hail car.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a permanent extension of the FHV cap and new limits.
On Amazon's Prime Day, activists plan to deliver 250,000 petitions to CEO Jeff Bezos’ Fifth Avenue residence.