On Amazon's Prime Day, activists plan to deliver 250,000 petitions to CEO Jeff Bezos’ Fifth Avenue residence.
Amazon packages.
Several tech companies are expanding, or are rumored to be doing so, in New York City. 
NY driver's license.
Reports revealed the FBI had been mining state driver’s license databases with facial recognition technology, prompting concerns about New York’s new Green Light law.
Trump's Twitter account.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that he can’t block users since he uses Twitter for government business.
The big question is: will a city bailout be approved to ease some drivers’ more immediate issues?
1 train
The Fast Forward plan would modernize the subway system’s decades-old signaling system over the next 10 years.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
The governor directed DFS to investigate reports that advertisers can block ads in a discriminatory manner.
A woman uses her cellphone on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Some worry the city is falling behind on cutting-edge wireless infrastructure.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his solidarity and trade mission.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an agreement for New York to enter into a $2 million partnership on tech and other economic development with Israel.
Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang surrounded by supporters.
Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” is an attempt to curtail the economic consequences of automation.