3 World Trade Center Building with 4 World Trade Center in the background and 1 World Trade Center in the foreground.
Private-sector employment in Lower Manhattan has reached its highest level since the September 11th terrorist attacks.
Executive director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance Bhairavi Desai (center) speaks to reporters in New York City.
The strike may not have had its desired impact but that doesn't mean it was a complete bust.
The Bear Mountain Bridge is just one part of New York's transportation infrastructure that could be helped by a "vehicle-miles traveled fee."
The nonprofit Citizens Budget Commission released a report detailing the possibilities presented by a “vehicle-miles traveled fee.”
An Uber vehicle.
Wednesday, drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft will participate in a morning strike.
Ocasio-Cortez is joining Sen. Elizabeth Warren's cause.
Facial recognition technology.
The battle to draw a hard line between privacy and security is ongoing.
irbnb and RXR Realty will collaborate to convert New York City buildings into hotel space.
Can New York City still achieve the tech growth it had hoped for?
Tech companies are adding jobs in NYC.
Among the applications of artificial intelligence the ADS task force could comment upon is license plate recognition.
A city task force continues to wrestle with how to define automated decisions systems.
A LinkNYC kiosk located in New York City's Midtown area.
A look at the city’s surveillance apparatus and its 9,000-plus cameras