A City Council task force wants to help save taxi medallion owners who are underwater.
A City Council task force is recommending an app to save taxi medallion owners.
Efforts are in the works to ban the use of facial recognition by law enforcement.
State Sen. Brad Hoylman introduces a bill to stop law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition.
Phil Goldfeder
First Read Tech talks with former member of the New York state Assembly Phil Goldfeder.
The New York City Council passed a bill banning cashless stores.
The New York City Council passed a legislation Thursday to ban cashless stores.
Governor Cuomo presented his fiscal year 2021 budget on Tuesday.
Net neutrality and an investment in Syracuse tech sector also mentioned in the governor’s 2021 budget address.
M14 MTA bus.
Tickets will be given to vehicles caught driving in the bus lane.
Amy Kramer
First Read Tech interviews AT&T New York President Amy Kramer
Rep. Carolyn Maloney,  Chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.
Rep. Maloney signalled that Congress could soon introduce legislation to regulate the use of facial recognition technology
Election security is a high priority for New York officials.
The ExpressVote XL machines raise questions about reliability and security
You may see small antennas, nodes and other telecommunications infrastructure installed on bus shelters.
New equipment on “street furniture” will be crucial once next-gen wireless service finally arrives.