A number of quality-of-life complaints were made by residents in the neighborhoods where homeless people were transferred to during the height of the coronavirus crisis, such as the Upper West Side and Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan.
Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement, it’s unclear what the city will do to help homeless New Yorkers.
People participate in a protest calling on New York to cancel rent outside of a New York Civil Court in Brooklyn on July 7, 2020.
A patchwork of guidance can be hard to understand for renters and landlords as housing courts reopen.
The New York City Council could hold an emergency vote as early as Tuesday on a bill that would allow all homeless single adults to stay in hotel rooms alone.
There are concerns about the cost of providing homeless adults with their own rooms – and whether it’s even helpful.
Tenants are pledging not to pay rent in an effort to spur action from the New York government.
Federal aid is likely needed to make rent or mortgage cancelation feasible.
The homeless in NYC have sought refuge from the pandemic by riding the mostly empty subways.
The governor has put the mayor to work figuring out homelessness on the NYC subways.
Lawmakers and housing advocates are calling for rent cancelation in New York.
A bill in the state Legislature would offer rent relief for struggling tenants, but landlords would be affected too.
State Senator Michael Gianaris
Gianaris and Niou want to cancel rent for tenants hit by coronavirus.
Former commissioner of the city Department of Veterans' Services Loree Sutton.
A major federal initiative, plenty of city resources and coordination were key in the city’s success.
Mayor Bill de Blasio riding the subway, his homelessness plan has been broadly criticized.
Homeless advocates, outreach workers and cops say the mayor’s approach doesn’t address root causes.
Despite spending billions of dollars New York City seems incapable of addressing the humanitarian crisis that is its homeless problem.
Despite damning reports, calls to action and billions spent, New York is perpetuating the crisis.