More than 2 million New Yorkers have filed for unemployment benefits since March 14, 2020.
Expanding eligibility could help redefine the balance of power in the workplace.
NYC crossing guard
The city isn’t thinking strategically about whose job it can get by without – at least not yet.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
New York’s public pensions are well-funded, for now at least.
COVID-19 has brought the debate over whether gig workers should be classified as employees to the forefront.
The council wants to extend sick leave to gig workers and have the state Legislature classify them as employees.
MTA workers disinfecting touch points
Labor unions are determined to make sure employers don’t forget essential workers’ sacrifices.
NYC skyscraper
Supporters and opponents are both citing the coronavirus threat.
Gig workers are left behind in worker protection legislation for the coronavirus.
Cuomo punted the gig worker debate to a task force, but some want the state to provide relief for gig workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Disruption due to the coronavirus could bring gig workers' classification to the forefront.
Despite concern about gig workers’ risk of exposure, the gig economy debate remains in limbo in Albany.
Lawmakers are looking into transforming New York's prostitution laws.
New York lawmakers are reevaluating the labor of lust.
Stakeholders are talking about alternative ways to provide workers benefits and labor protections without going as far as reclassifying independent contractors as employees.
The business community is pushing back on AB5-like legislation in New York. This is what they’re proposing instead.