Patrea Patterson

Business & Operations Manager

As the business and sales coordinator for City & State New York, Patrea serves as a liaison between sales teams and various departments, as well as between sales personnel and clients. She wears many hats for the company, contributing in a number of roles, and is responsible for legal advertising at City & State.

She is a graduate of CUNY College of Staten Island with dual majors in English writing and communications journalism. During her downtime, she enjoys playing volleyball (in which she has 10-plus years of experience) as well as spending time with her son, Victor.

David Pirozzi


As comptroller at City & State and its entities, David handles all financial matters, including forecasting/budgeting, accounting compliance, and sales trafficking and support. He participates in all company strategy sessions and new initiatives. Along with his valued team, David also oversees operations and employee relations, making sure the office is running smoothly, always with an eye toward growth and increased efficiency. Something of a jack-of-all-trades, he worked on the interior design and layout of our new offices and has been known to assist with menu selection at City & State events. Prior to joining City & State in 2015, David, a native New Yorker and graduate of New York University, spent time in the media and real estate industries. When not at work, he can usually be found eating ice cream, at a concert, or ranting about something he deems vital.