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Opinion: New York City needs help to convert unused offices to housing

State law limits residential buildings' floor area ratio, complicating office conversions.


Advocates decry 90-day waiting rule on affordable housing for sheltered New Yorkers as needless

A bill is now in the City Council to scrap the waiting period, but Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t said he’ll support it.

affordable housing

Adams offers comprehensive affordable housing plan

The New York City mayor’s approach includes solutions for homelessness, promotes home ownership and improves support for NYCHA, but is short on metrics and numerical goals.

affordable housing

Lawmakers call on NYCHA to fix its ventilation issues

It could help prevent spikes in coronavirus cases as people spend more time indoors this winter.

New York City

Developers won’t like Scott Stringer’s new housing plan

The New York City comptroller wants to require affordable units in all new developments and eliminate 421a.

New York State

What do the new rent regulations mean, literally?

New Yorkers are getting accustomed to a whole new set of rules after a slew of reforms to protect tenants passed in Albany last week. To make the transition easier, City & State defined a list of key terms to gain a better understanding of what the future holds for the state’s tenants and landlords.

Andrew Cuomo

What’s not in Cuomo’s budget?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's wide-ranging budget address left out several legislative priorities.

affordable housing

With Democrats taking the state Senate, real estate fears the worst

Strengthening rent regulations for tenants is atop the party’s to-do list, and real estate is bracing for the worst.

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New York City

Why AMI are the three most controversial letters in New York housing policy

An explainer on New York City's area median income, and what it means for affordable housing.

New York

Low-income New Yorkers are getting more economically hopeful

More low-income New Yorkers are hopeful that upward mobility is attainable, according to a report by the Community Service Society of New York, but it also finds that 2 out of 3 among them still feel they are in a precarious, if not worsening, economic situation.

Eric Adams

Houses of worship providing affordable housing in Brooklyn

Borough President Eric Adams wants churches to build affordable housing units on their unused tax lots.

affordable housing

5 questions about Shola Olatoye leaving NYCHA, answered

The public housing authority's chairwoman unexpectedly stepped down. Here's why.

New York

Jared Kushner lied to NYC because he could get away with it

The Kushner Cos. filing of false paperwork on rent-regulated units and efforts to expel tenants is a failure of not just the companys integrity, but of state and local law. With the incentive structure of state rent regulations and a two-tiered legal system in which corporations get a slap on the wrist for ripping off the public while the poor go to jail for drug possession, actions like Kushner’s are inevitable.