Is Cuomo an exemplar of Albany culture?

Sexual harassment allegations against the governor may reflect a common occurrence in New York state politics.


The push for new tenant protections gains traction in Albany

Lawmakers and activists say a new eviction moratorium is the first step in a wider 2021 effort.


The state budget process begins amid disease outbreak

Now comes the time to see if lawmakers can keep Cuomo from getting his way on a variety of proposals.


Will lawmakers cede control in order to clean up Albany?

Reformers want the judiciary to make more appointments on a proposed state ethics commission.

Michael Bloomberg

The Bloomberg campaign hits Caucus Weekend

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign sought to recruit supporters at the annual legislative conference organized by the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators.


The GOP’s lucky breaks in Albany in early 2020

Republicans are finding some political openings at the start of the state legislative session.


Are millennials taking over New York politics?

The 2019 Albany 40 Under 40 reflects millennials' rising influence. 

New York State

How Albany is going after Trump’s taxes

Albany has been working a bill that would allow the release of President Donald Trump’s state tax returns, one of a few attempts since he took office.

New York State

We dreamt up some alliterative economic plans for New York

City & State came up with some fun and alliterative nicknames for economic plans New York can launch.

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New York City

Albany action, MTA madness and (un)popular presidential contenders

Progressives run the first week of Albany action, no one is running the MTA and there's plenty of unpopular presidential contenders running in This Week's Headlines.

Andrew Cuomo

Takeaways from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2019 inaugural address

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave his inaugural address on Ellis Island on Tuesday evening. Here are four takeaways from the speech, including the governor’s focus on the president, his own prospects of running for president, and – of course – his latest video presentation.


A veteran lobbyist’s take on the new state legislative landscape

Sid Davidoff got his start under former New York City Mayor John Lindsay, and brings a historical perspective that many of us could only dream of. City & State caught up with Davidoff to get the long view on the idiosyncrasies of the upcoming state legislative session.

Health Care

Setting the Agenda 2019

With Democrats in control in Albany, here’s an in-depth rundown of what’s up for debate.

New York State

How to avoid becoming an Albany swamp creature

The New York state Legislature has distorted many politicians’ careers, but freshman state senators have choices.

New York City

Voters to Albany: We’re watching you

The establishment took a hit during New York's state primaries – and not just in the IDC contests.


Why nothing is happening in Albany

Although there is still time for the legislative session to heat up, especially since voting will likely go late into the night on Tuesday, many in Albany are not expecting any surprises. The relative calm is due to the fact that Republicans control the state Senate but lack the majority needed to pass bills.