Board of Elections

New York State

Should New York’s elections be reformed?

The contested Queens district attorney race has some up in arms about the fairness of New York’s elections.

New York City

Poll: Should New Yorkers trust local elections?

The Queens district attorney race recount has some questioning their faith in the democratic process.

Frank Seddio

Frank Seddio, the devil’s advocate

Kings County Democratic chairman Frank Seddio is known for defending the indefensible.

New York State

Is fusion voting going to be eliminated?

New York’s unusual, controversial cross-endorsement practice of fusion voting is under discussion.

New York State

The right way to do automatic voter registration

A ‘back-end’ model to automatic voter registration will have a much greater effect.

Board of Elections

No talk of reform at Board of Elections

Committee holds seven-minute meeting after widespread Election Day complaints.

Campaigns & Elections

‘Blue wave’ and Amazon come to New York

Amazon is coming to Long Island City, but not before the Blue Wave. Rounding up the week’s political news.

Board of Elections

Repeal and replace the NYC Board of Elections

To fix New York City’s election mess, Albany needs to create a nonpartisan body.

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New York City

AG candidates raise prospect of criminal charges after voter purge

Maloney, Eve call for tougher action after NYC Board of Elections’ 2016 fiasco.

Jeff Klein

Inside the IDC’s legally questionable campaign funding account

The state Board of Elections ruled that former state Senate Independent Democratic Conference members must return funds from a committee set up by the Independence Party. Here’s an explainer on what was illegal, whether the IDC will actually pay back the money, and more.

New York State Assembly

Voters question petition signatures for Assemblyman Brian Miller

More than a dozen of people whose names submitted on ballot petitions for Assemblyman Brian Miller for the Conservative Party line deny they ever signed it, despite their addresses and supposed signatures appearing on the petitions, with some calling it a “forgery.”

Board of Elections

Candidate kicked off the ballot? It all happens in this room.

When candidates challenge each other’s petitions to get on the ballot, who does the vetting? City & State goes behind the scenes at the New York City Board of Elections office in Lower Manhattan to see how it all plays out.