Brad Hoylman

New York State

New York’s data security challenge

At a panel discussion during City & State’s Digital New York Summit on Thursday, experts from both the public and private sector weighed in on how New York can do a better job of guarding against future data security threats, and whether legislation like the SHIELD Act could help in that effort.

Criminal justice

Bail reform done, lawmakers look at more criminal justice bills

There are still a number of criminal justice reforms that are being considered before the end of session, here’s a guide to each one and its prospects for passage.

New York State

State Legislature should act to protect New Yorkers’ data privacy

New Yorkers currently have no effective control over who has their personal information after it is originally shared, so the state should pass comprehensive privacy legislation, writes Fordham Law School’s Center on Law and Information Policy Andrea Flink.

New York State

How Albany is going after Trump’s taxes

Albany has been working a bill that would allow the release of President Donald Trump’s state tax returns, one of a few attempts since he took office.

New York City

Measles outbreak, another Y2K and Trump’s tax returns

Two decades after Y2K, New York City is contending with a similar computer glitch, Democrats hard to get at president Donald Trump's tax returns, measles outbreaks are plaguing New York and more from this week's headlines.


Cuomo’s plan for congestion pricing and MTA restructuring? Another panel

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing that a panel of six appointed experts determine how to implement congestion pricing and make reforms at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Brad Hoylman

Brad Hoylman: The person behind state Senate’s progressive bills

Six-year Senate veteran Brad Hoylman is as progressive as many newcomers, and his bills are finally moving.

Criminal justice

Will NY finally let childhood victims seek justice after age 23?

As lawmakers renew push for Child Victims Act, Cuomo warns of bankrupting the Catholic Church.

Corey Johnson

Bellevue homeless shelter’s neglected water tank

Homeless men at Bellevue homeless shelter were being served drinking water from a neglected wooden water tank that, until a few days ago, had never been cleaned, inspected or tested – in violation of city law and the health code.


Veterans’ affairs

How well is New York serving those who served in the military?

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New York State

After a milestone, lack of progress

Since same-sex marriage passed, bills to help the LGBT community have languished in the Legislature.


New York pols' coming out stories

How New York’s LGBT politicians revealed their sexuality, and what it meant for their politics