Brad Lander

New York City

The reasons pedestrian traffic deaths don’t get more coverage

From reading the steady drumbeat of coverage of bicycle crashes on New York City streets, one would think biking is uniquely dangerous. In fact, far more New York City pedestrians than cyclists die in traffic. Here’s why cyclist deaths receive more coverage.

Bill de Blasio

Where New York Democrats stand on Israel

Recent events have brought fault lines over Israel and Palesine within New York’s Democratic Party to the surface. Here is where politically powerful New York Democrats line up on Israel.

alessandra biaggi

New York’s vegetarian and vegan politicians

New York politicians explain why they decided to go meatless and their favorite vegan and vegetarian meals.

Helen Rosenthal

Helen Rosenthal files for New York City comptroller run

New York City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal has filed to run for city comptroller in 2021. The Upper West Side Democrat became the first candidate to officially declare her intentions to run for the citywide seat by filing with the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

New York City

Brad Lander wants to give traffic cameras teeth. Will Albany allow it?

New York City politicians want to strengthen cameras – while the state Legislature may not even renew their authorization.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo is leaving New Yorkers twisting in the wind

Every month, New York City residents send 750 million plastic bags to landfills, which is more than 7,500 tons of solid waste. Thanks to his failure of leadership on the issue, every additional ton is on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s shoulders writes Councilman Brad Lander.

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