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The right way to do economic development

New employers won’t be able to keep growing without a skilled, ready workforce in the area, nor can locals take part in the growth without the credentials to get the jobs, a workforce training center in Buffalo shows the way to solve those problems, writes Bryce Covert.

New York State

Buffalo’s billion-dollar Band-Aid

Most of Buffalo, New York's largest and most costly individual projects have produced underwhelming results, whereas some of the smaller-scale, lower-profile programs are actually generating a lot of growth – or, at least, the potential for it.

New York State

Poll: Is New York’s economic development strategy working?

Amazon’s HQ2 controversy has drawn attention to New York’s economic development strategy – and proposed changes.

Chris Collins

Chris Collins’ office entryway campaign

The indicted congressman has been even harder to reach than usual, but many voters didn’t mind.


Vulnerable New York Republicans resort to racial campaign ads

Several Republican members of Congress from New York have been accused of racism in their campaign commercials

Chris Collins

Republicans face obstacles to drop Collins from ballot

Western New York Republicans will meet to decide on their options to replace Rep. Chris Collins in NY27.

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Andrew Cuomo

Ignore that Buffalo Billion conviction. We're legalizing pot!

The New York state Health Department officially recommended legalizing marijuana the day after Alain Kaloyeros, a former top economic development official, was convicted of corruption.

New York City

Top takeaways from Buffalo Billion trial

Noteworthy details that the Buffalo Billion trial’s procession of witnesses has revealed.

Andrew Cuomo

What's the Buffalo Billion trial about, again?

The pay-to-play trial against Cuomo-affiliates begins this week, here's what to know about the "Buffalo Billion" trial.


New York wants to double-dip from ride-hail companies

A “phase one” for congestion pricing in Manhattan isn’t the only state budget proposal affecting ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft. An Assembly measure would add a new $1 tax on such rides in upstate and Long Island – and business groups aren’t pleased.

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon’s media strategy targets key constituencies

The actress followed her gubernatorial campaign launch with a series of carefully chosen interviews.