Carl Heastie

New York State

Heastie’s mum on Cuomo

The Assembly speaker has been quiet as members of his conference seek to revoke the governor’s emergency powers.

New York State

Open Assembly chairs could enhance diversity

People of color chair only two out of 39 Assembly committees – but that could change in 2021.

Donald Trump

New York reacts to Biden’s victory

After a long few days of ballot counting former Vice President Joe Biden was projected the winner of the 2020 presidential election Saturday morning. Here’s how some of New York’s lawmakers and other political leaders reacted.

Carl Heastie

How New York changed its bail law

State lawmakers avoided major changes to the 2019 bail legislation, but they did add more bail-eligible offenses in the state budget.

Andrew Cuomo

How lawmakers could vote remotely on the state budget

Thanks to the coronavirus, it’s not who’s in the room – it’s who’s in the Zoom.

New York

State lawmakers aim to pass early state budget

State lawmakers are aiming to strike a three-way budget deal with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming week as state efforts continue to contain the spread of the coronavirus, according to multiple state Senate sources.

New York State

A taxing strategy for moderate Senate Democrats

Activists, union leaders and fellow lawmakers are using carrots and sticks in pursuit of tax increases on the wealthy.

Criminal justice

The Democrats working to reform bail reform

A working group of state senators is under pressure to rethink criminal justice – again – or risk electoral defeat.

New York State

Are the Assembly and state Senate working together?

The early days of the 2020 legislative session has featured limited coordination between the chambers.

New York City

Is New York leader of the pack?

Cuomo claims New York's a progressive powerhouse. It's just the mild one.

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JCOPE’s strange priorities

Why investigate a possible allegation against the governor and state Assembly Speaker when you can harrass an alleged rape victim?

New York State

The people who could overhaul New York’s elections

Commissioners on the Public Campaign Finance Committee come from varied backgrounds and political patrons.

New York State

What Cuomo’s earlier primary date proposal would mean

Progressives might be excited by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to bump up presidential primary voting from late April to February, but there’s a catch: Cuomo also wants to move legislative primaries, which could harm some insurgent candidates.

New York State

Commission on public financing and fusion voting to meet

The commission that could determine the fate of the WFP and Conservative Party has its first meeting on Wednesday.

New York State

How Heastie and Stewart-Cousins compare to the cartoon ‘Wonder Twins’

The Assembly speaker says their legislative relationship is like that of a fictional 1970s-era superhero duo.

New York State

The demise of ‘three men in a room’

These days, Andrea Stewart-Cousins says everyone gets a seat at the table.