Carl Marcellino

New York State

The Long Island outlook

The biggest Long Island projects and policy matters in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Long Island

Will the blue wave obliterate the Long Island Nine?

If the Democrats want to retake the state Senate, they may need to undo decades of GOP control on the island.

Todd Kaminsky

The Long Island Nine

Long Island has nine seats in the state Senate, often unimaginatively referred to as the “Long Island Nine.” They constitute a powerful voting bloc in the chamber


Why nothing is happening in Albany

Although there is still time for the legislative session to heat up, especially since voting will likely go late into the night on Tuesday, many in Albany are not expecting any surprises. The relative calm is due to the fact that Republicans control the state Senate but lack the majority needed to pass bills.

Betty Rosa

Flanagan is the only one standing in the way of teacher evaluation bill

Despite support, Flanagan could block bill decoupling student test scores from teacher evaluations.

Andrew Cuomo

Long Island Republicans might support Cuomo’s offshore drilling ban

Protecting the oceans is popular in the region that may determine the future of the state Senate

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