Charles Schumer

Charles Schumer

Schumer, AOC rep New York on DNC’s second night

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, a powerful moderate, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive icon, hit similar notes in their Democratic National Convention speeches.


Did New York get screwed by the stimulus bill?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Chuck Schumer disagree. Here’s what the math shows.

New York State

Schumer proposes 100% clean cars by 2040

But critics have called the plan misguided as cities attempt to cut down on personal usage of all vehicles.

New York State

Will the House condemn Trump’s comments on 'disloyal' Jews?

A resolution was introduced to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments regarding Israel, but its backers from New York have no such plans for Trump.

New York State

Would ending fusion voting hurt GOP and help suburban Dems?

Many prominent Democrats have rushed to the defense of fusion voting, but the practice actually empowers minor parties on the right, such as the Conservative Party and the WFP can pull the Democrats leftward through other means, writes Ross Barkan.

New York City

Do aspiring politicians still need to pay their dues?

Previously, aspiring politicians started at the bottom, paid their dues and waited to be tapped for higher office — now, incumbents are refusing to wait in line.

New York State

What we know about rural broadband access

Senator Chuck Schumer is criticizing the Federal Communications Commission for relying on internet providers to self-report their service speeds, which critics say affords companies to opportunity to lie, claiming to provide better service than they actually do.

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Bill de Blasio

Where New York Democrats stand on Israel

Recent events have brought fault lines over Israel and Palesine within New York’s Democratic Party to the surface. Here is where politically powerful New York Democrats line up on Israel.

New York State

Is fusion voting going to be eliminated?

New York’s unusual, controversial cross-endorsement practice of fusion voting is under discussion.

New York City

In Amazon's wake, New York should double down on tech

New York City and state can’t ignore the fast-growing economic tech sector.

New York City

Back to school with Steve Israel

Former congressman Steve Israel is confronting our volatile political era with a new politics institute at Cornell.

New York City

New York politicians’ biggest flip-flops

How New York politicians ‘evolved’ on pot, guns, immigrants, LGBT rights and homelessness.

Michael Bloomberg

New York political predictions for 2019

What bills will the Democratic state Legislature pass? Will Amazon’s new office in Queens move forward – as is? Who will be New York City’s next public advocate? We reached out to a half dozen New York experts and insiders for their political predictions for 2019.

Andrew Cuomo

How much money will the Gateway project get from Washington?

Local work on the trans-Hudson tunnel project is advancing as Congress fights for funding.