Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Every vote counts: New York’s history of close elections

State and local elections often come down to a handful of votes.

New York State

NY Republican Reps cautiously denounce tweets

Although all of the Republicans in New York’s congressional delegation voted against a resolution denouncing the President Donald Trump’s racist tweets about four Democrats, most did mildly criticize Trump’s statements. None, however, have spoken up about the chants of “Send her back.”

New York State

Is Chris Collins running for Congress again?

You probably haven’t heard the last of the Trump-loving congressman.

New York State

Can a Trump-loving upstater bring back the New York GOP?

Nick Langworthy got what he wanted. Now what will he do with the Republican Party?

New York State

Modern-day carpetbagging

New Yorkers have relocated for political gain for generations.

New York State

Democrats go on offense against four New York congressional Republicans

New York’s GOP is increasingly being forced to choose between their increasingly right-wing party and their relatively moderate districts thanks to the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

Chris Collins

The factions, fringes and future of New York’s U.S. House Republicans

The GOP New York House delegation is trying to deal with their dwindling population both in New York and in Washington.

New York City

New York lawmakers who have been kicked off their committees

Rubén Díaz Sr.'s newly created For-Hire Vehicles Committee will be dissolved following his anti-gay comments — but he's not the only politician to be kicked off of their committee.

New York State

New York delegation lands prime House committee assignments

Most New York members of Congress will serve on House committees corresponding to their districts and interests. Pelosi detractors will not.

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New York State

What are New York politicians REALLY thankful for?

This Thanksgiving, reflect on the political gifts given in the past year.

Campaigns & Elections

‘Blue wave’ and Amazon come to New York

Amazon is coming to Long Island City, but not before the Blue Wave. Rounding up the week’s political news.

Claudia Tenney

2018 general elections: The too-close-to-call list

The New York races for House and state Senate that are still up in the air.

Chris Collins

Chris Collins’ office entryway campaign

The indicted congressman has been even harder to reach than usual, but many voters didn’t mind.

New York State

New York House general election results 2018

How Democrats perform in the Empire State will signal whether the party can take the House.