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Industry City rezoning collapse lets Corey Johnson off the hook

The City Council speaker avoided taking a stance on the controversial plan that could have harmed his mayoral prospects.

Corey Johnson

Top council speaker staffers lead the pack in fundraising

Erik Bottcher, Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s chief of staff, raised more money than any council candidate who isn’t an incumben, while Lynn Schulman, a senior liaison in Johnson’s office, also raised an impressive sum.

New York City

The sticking points as the New York City budget deadline nears

The New York City budget for fiscal year 2021 is due before midnight on Wednesday, July 1, but Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council have yet to reach an agreement. Here's why.

New York City Council

City Council boldly Zooms where it hasn’t gone before

The New York City Council boldly Zooms where it hasn’t gone before, holding its first-ever remote, digital meeting amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Corey Johnson talks transportation tech with Kara Swisher

The host of the Recode Decode podcast discussed the future of transportation in NYC with the City Council Speaker.

New York City

City Hall staffers to ask for union recognition

Just a few short months after launching their union bid, staffers are hoping to have Speaker Corey Johnson formally recognize them.

Corey Johnson

2020 Corey Johnson wouldn't take money from 2009 Corey Johnson

The NYC Council speaker and mayoral candidate pledged not to take donations from real estate developers, like his former employers.

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New York City

Protests of churro ladies’ arrests won’t help them as much as changing laws

NYC has failed to reform its vending laws. Perhaps its elected officials should do something about that.

New York City

Police surveillance technology bill still stalled in Council

The bill would require the New York Police Department submit information about the surveillance technology it uses.

New York City

The Wednesday that could change New York City

From biker safety to animal rights to commercial waste, the City Council’s agenda is packed with groundbreaking legislation.

New York City

By the numbers: New York City’s plan to close Rikers

It’s a major overhaul, here’s the breakdown in dollars and square feet.

New York City

Who’s for and against banning menthol cigarettes in New York City

It’s Al Sharpton vs. the NAACP, with Corey Johnson stuck in the middle.