Frank Seddio

Seddio goes out like a boss

The Brooklyn Democratic leader united the party, but left it broke

New York State

The battle for the Democratic Party, in Albany and Queens

Activists are targeting Assembly Democrats and hoping for a district attorney upset.

New York State

How Albany is going after Trump’s taxes

Albany has been working a bill that would allow the release of President Donald Trump’s state tax returns, one of a few attempts since he took office.

New York City

What is Bill de Blasio’s path to victory?

For this week’s Ask the Experts, we asked experts to weigh in on the NYC mayor Bill de Blasio’s chances in the 2020 presidential race.

Health Care

Is it finally Richard Gottfried’s year for single-payer?

Despite large Democratic majorities in the state Senate and Assembly, lawmakers from Long Island and the Hudson Valley say they do not see single-payer happening anytime soon.

New York State

Is fusion voting going to be eliminated?

New York’s unusual, controversial cross-endorsement practice of fusion voting is under discussion.

Jumaane Williams

A June public advocate primary unlikely to see same candidates

Jumaane Williams’ win was too broad to suggest potential paths to victory for other Democrats

New York City

Will Albany Dems be their own worst enemy?

Experts assess the issues that could divide the state Senate Democrats – and the long-term effects.

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Andrew Cuomo

Poll: Is a civil war brewing among the state Senate Democrats?

Long Island Democrats reportedly complained about the opposition to Amazon’s HQ2. How serious is the rift?

Brad Hoylman

Brad Hoylman: The person behind state Senate’s progressive bills

Six-year Senate veteran Brad Hoylman is as progressive as many newcomers, and his bills are finally moving.

New York State

Democratic state legislators’ constitutional moves

A slate of proposed amendments aim to update the state’s antiquated constitution.


Which new Democratic laws will make the biggest difference in Albany?

Experts weigh in on the most politically significant legislation advancing in Democratic-controlled Albany, which bills could backfire, and the biggest spending fights.

New York State

In Democratic Albany, property tax cap is a rare disconnect

Proposals to make a property tax cap permanent gives the chamber some leverage in budget talks.

New York State Senate

How the state Senate GOP is picking its legislative battles

Republican votes are helping Democrats pad their margins – but not on immigration and abortion.

Kirsten Gillibrand

Will Kirsten Gillibrand flip or flop in the Democratic primary?

New York’s junior senator enters the race with hopes that her votes on gender parity will outshine her inconsistency on progressive issues.