Donovan Richards

New York City

Queens machine backs Donovan Richards for borough president

Now that the Queens Democratic Party has weighed in, and one candidate dropped out, the race to replace Melinda Katz takes shape.

New York City

With Katz on the way out, who’s running for Queens borough president?

Melinda Katz has secured the DA nomination. A large field is shaping up to replace her.

Melinda Katz

The projects transforming Queens

Queens has rarely garnered as much attention as neighboring Manhattan or Brooklyn, but it is increasingly becoming a destination. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest projects in the borough.

Melinda Katz

The next leaders of Queens

Who will be the next borough president and district attorney of Queens?

Joe Crowley

Have we seen the last of Joe Crowley?

Joe Crowley is still the Queens Democratic chairman, and with no heir apparent, he is expected to hold on to his other base of power – even if some Democrats think it’s time for a change.

Criminal justice

Why everyone is suddenly talking about the NYPD gang database

Critics say the NYPD's gang database lacks transparency, raises civil liberties concerns.

Bill de Blasio

Emma Wolfe: Leader of the pack

Emma Wolfe is the Bill de Blasio’s most trusted aide. She got there by being a shrewd social animal.

Carlina Rivera

Albany vs. New York City: Who fields the best basketball team?

Albany vs. New York City: Which political basketball players make each team’s starting 5?


Mayor’s Charter Revision Commission to tackle land use issues

Mayor’s Charter Revision Commission to tackle land use issues and says its focus is broader than campaigns and elections.

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