Gale Brewer

Gale Brewer

Gale Brewer: The matriarch of Manhattan

Brewer has mentored thousands of aspiring politicos. Here are a few that went on to bigger things.

Gale Brewer

Everybody loves Gale

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer may be the city’s most popular politician. So why won’t she run for mayor?

New York City

The elected officials opposing the four new jails to replace Rikers

New York City has proposed to build four new jails to replace Rikers in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Corey Johnson

Bellevue homeless shelter’s neglected water tank

Homeless men at Bellevue homeless shelter were being served drinking water from a neglected wooden water tank that, until a few days ago, had never been cleaned, inspected or tested – in violation of city law and the health code.

New York City

An unheralded hero dies of 9/11-related illness

Conan Freud - who passed away from 9/11-related illness - devoted his life to the city he loved.

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