George Floyd


The New York Post's most outrageous ‘copaganda’

The New York Post will tell you whatever its police sources say, other facts notwithstanding.

New York State

What is Juneteenth?

Cuomo’s executive order gives state employees the day off in honor of the holiday. What is it all about?


The reforms in store for the NYPD

What’s poised to change for the police – and whether it will make a difference.


Where could redirected police funding go?

Advocates have pushed for the money to go toward youth initiatives, mental health outreach and more.

New York State

The push to remove racist statues in New York

Recent protests have sparked renewed interest in what to do about some of the state’s problematic monuments.

Campaigns & Elections

The protest primary

The movement against racism and police brutality has reshaped the electoral landscape.


Police discipline in the wake of protest enforcement

Videos have shown use of force against protesters. Here are the police who’ve faced punishment so far.

Criminal justice

The remaining obstacles to police transparency

Repealing 50-a may make police records public, but lengthy record requests could stand in the way of actually seeing them.

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New York City

When do NYPD officers face consequences for alleged brutality?

New York City has had a number of high-profile instances of alleged police brutality, similar to Eric Garner’s death – and many also did not result in any criminal convictions. This is what happened in the most widely covered recent cases of police-involved deaths and brutality.

New York State

State lawmakers’ comeback

Recent protests have helped the state Legislature reassert its power against the governor.

Criminal justice

Activists and civil rights leaders on how to reform policing

Activists weigh in on the policies they want to see enacted in the wake of protests against police brutality and systemic racism.


What the NYPD patrol guide says about use of force

During the protests, New York City Police Department officers have not been following their own guidelines.


How would NYC cut $1 billion for the NYPD?

Calls to reduce spending on police are increasingly popular, but details are still being determined.


The NYPD’s tools

A closer look at what cops are bringing to the protests.