New Yorkers weigh in on Amazon exit

A Siena College poll released Monday confirmed that most New Yorkers were sad to see Amazon abandon plans for a new headquarters in Long Island City.


Amazon isn’t done defending itself in New York

New Yorkers are concerned about the poor labor conditions reported at Amazon's fulfillment and distribution centers across the country.

New York City

Can New York win another HQ2?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is fighting to win back a new Amazon headquarters in Queens – along with more than 70 other parties who signed an open letter this week to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos – despite the fact that Bezos and his company have shown no signs of regretting their decision to pull out of HQ2.

Andrew Cuomo

NY pols and Amazon blew up their deal by acting like themselves

How Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Amazon all contributed to the death of HQ2.

New York City

The bills that would stop another Amazon deal

An overview of bills submitted to the state Legislature and New York City Council in response to Amazon's HQ2 deal and issues that it raised.

New York City

The graveyard of grandiose development dreams

Amazon's HQ2 deal isn't the first big New York City project to get axed. Here are the most significant big city projects to get killed.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Life after HQ2: now what?

HQ2’s strongest opponents are hailing Amazon's decision to pull-out of its New York City deal as a victory of progressive, grassroots organizing — but the politicians who led the fight could pay a price.

New York City

New York lost HQ2. How long will its strongest political opponents be smiling?

After Amazon announced it would be pulling out of its HQ2 deal, the tech giant's strongest opponents are hailing the about-face as a victory — but the politicians who led the fight could pay a price.

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