Jamaal Bailey

Criminal justice

New York needs a new criminal discovery law

New York’s discovery law allow district attorneys to withhold police reports and other key evidence until a trial begins. Prosecutors should instead be required to expeditiously turn over discoverable evidence, write state Sen. Jamaal Bailey and Assemblyman Joseph Lentol.

New York State

The big issues being left unresolved in Albany

New York's legislative session will end without resolution for many hot topics.


My journey shows why specialized high school admissions must change

Today, as a state legislator I find myself in an interesting position; I am often in the middle of key debates regarding the segregation of our city’s schools. And I wonder how it is we are still wrestling with the same divisive issues that dominated our country more than 60 years ago.

Carlina Rivera

Albany vs. New York City: Who fields the best basketball team?

Albany vs. New York City: Which political basketball players make each team’s starting 5?

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