James O’Neill

New York City

Shaun King is still salty about Cabán’s loss

A Q&A with the Black Lives Matter activist on his foray into NYC politics.

James O’Neill

O’Neill: NYPD not locking anyone up on facial recognition hit

NYPD Commissioner James O;Neil is trying to quell concerns about the polic force's use of facial recognition technology following a recent New York Times report.

New York City

Media turns Garner fury on de Blasio and O’Neill

Five takes on the federal decision not to press civil rights charges.


Police body cam footage can now be made public

The NYPD championed the move to make bod cam footage public even as the PBA considers an appeal.

James O’Neill

Records standoff between NYPD and Vance continues

The New York Police Department hasn’t met Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s demands for access to internal police disciplinary records and investigative reports, but Police Commissioner James O’Neill is confident the two sides will reach an agreement.

New York City

Advocates: De Blasio marijuana plan won't end racial disparities

New York City will replace marijuana possession arrests with summonses, but blacks and Latinos will still bear the brunt.

Letitia James

Marijuana reform, Letitia James for attorney general and a gamble pays off

Marijuana reform, Letitia James for attorney general and a gamble pays off in this week’s political roundup.

Criminal justice

Don't spark up in Central Park before reading this

5 things to know about New York City’s steps toward marijuana decriminalization

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