Jesse Hamilton

Campaigns & Elections

IDC and other New York legislative 2018 primary results

Tracking the former Independent Democratic Conference members – and other key New York Senate and Assembly primaries.


Dems backing IDC challengers are not violating the truce

Sources present for IDC state Senate reunification deal say it never applied to other Democrats.

Jeff Klein

Inside the IDC’s legally questionable campaign funding account

The state Board of Elections ruled that former state Senate Independent Democratic Conference members must return funds from a committee set up by the Independence Party. Here’s an explainer on what was illegal, whether the IDC will actually pay back the money, and more.

Diana Richardson

Diana Richardson and Jesse Hamilton take it outside

The war of words between the two Central Brooklyn Democrats began Friday when Richardson praised Hamilton’s primary challenger, Zellnor Myrie, on Instagram (she insists it was not yet an endorsement).


Myrie campaign ad attacks ex-IDC Hamilton’s real estate ties

State Senate candidate Zellnor Myrie is out with his first campaign video, and in it he accuses his rival, state Sen. Jesse Hamilton, of being in the pocket of real estate developers.

Jesse Hamilton

How Jesse Hamilton keeps Trump Republicans in power

Zakiyah Ansari of the Alliance for Quality Education argues that state Sen. Jesse Hamilton joining the Independent Democratic Conference has kept Trump Republicans in power.


Additional progressive challengers take on the IDC

Almost every IDC member now has a primary opponent.

New York

Why the attacks against my Black History Education bill are racist

Fringe groups like the Working Families Party, Make NY True Blue and Indivisible feel intellectually superior to everyone and believe they determine who is a Democrat and who is not, and define who is black enough and what it means to be a public servant in communities of color. 

With this disconnected view, activists shamefully slammed my effort to pass the Black History Education bill during Black History Month. 

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