Joe Crowley

New York City

Meet Gregory Meeks: Queens' new boss

The new Queens County Democratic Party chairman, Rep. Gregory Meeks sits down with City & State to talk about his old school approach to his new position.

New York State

An Irish lament: The fading of Hibernian political power

New York has the most Irish-Americans of any major city in the country, but their political clout reached an unheralded nadir last year after state Senator Marty Golden and Representatives Joe Crowley and Dan Donovan were swept from power by challengers.

Gregory Meeks

Meeks elected Queens county leader

Rep. Greg Meeks will replace Joseph Crowley as Democratic county boss.

New York City

NYCHA’s new monitor, Crowley’s abdication and the public advocate showdown

NYCHA gets a new monitor, Joseph Crowley gets a new job and the public advocate candidates have a new showdown in This Week's Headlines.

Paul Manafort

Build a real firewall between consulting and lobbying

We’re crucifying Trump’s allies for what’s business as usual in Albany.

Letitia James

Shooting in Pittsburgh, voting WFP and continued support for Crowley

Shooting in Pittsburgh, voting for Working Families Party and someone's still campaigning for Joe Crowley

Frank Seddio

How to run a party machine: A playbook

Following these eight simple rules, Democratic county committee leaders limit participation, consolidate decision-making and maintain control of the party machine.

New York City

How the hell did Monserrate win?

Previously guilty of corruption and domestic abuse, he still has local support. But he’s far from a power broker.

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New York City

Would Grace Meng replace Crowley as Queens chair?

Rep. Grace Meng on potentially replacing Joe Crowley, whether she’s supporting the IDC challengers and what she’s doing as DNC vice chair.

New York State

Battleground: New York

New York is the epicenter of the struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party.


Dems backing IDC challengers are not violating the truce

Sources present for IDC state Senate reunification deal say it never applied to other Democrats.

New York City

Monserrate runs for office again

Hiram Monserrate, who was booted from the state Senate after physically assaulting his girlfriend and later served prison time for misusing city funds, is on the primary ballot this year to represent East Elmhurst as a Democratic district leader.

Letitia James

Nadler sits out the Tish party

Attorney general candidate Letitia James has now been endorsed by all 11 Democrats representing New York City in Congress – except for Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Joe Crowley

Who's on the sticking-with-Crowley bandwagon?

Despite losing his Democratic congressional primary to democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and insisting he is no longer running, Rep. Joseph Crowley has received at least two endorsements in the past two weeks – with both citing Israel as an issue.

Joe Crowley

The small but growing anti-Pelosi movement in New York

Outgoing Rep. Joseph Crowley isn’t the only New York House member or candidate who has expressed wariness about a potential Nancy Pelosi speakership.