John Bonacic

Antonio Delgado

Riding congressional coattails to the state Senate

Candidates on both side of the aisle could benefit from surges in voter turnout inspired by congressional races

New York State

The big issues being left unresolved in Albany

New York's legislative session will end without resolution for many hot topics.


Why nothing is happening in Albany

Although there is still time for the legislative session to heat up, especially since voting will likely go late into the night on Tuesday, many in Albany are not expecting any surprises. The relative calm is due to the fact that Republicans control the state Senate but lack the majority needed to pass bills.

New York State

Sports betting FAQ

Everything you need to know about sports betting in New York and the legislative push to legalize it.

Gary Pretlow

Lawmakers hedging their bets on sports gambling legislation

New York lawmakers weigh in on the likelihood of tackling legalized sports betting before the end of session.

New York State Senate

Gun control bill targeting ‘extreme risks’ advances in state Senate

State Sen. Brian Kavanagh forced a vote on S1733a at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The bill would allow judges to issue temporary orders prohibiting someone from buying or possessing a gun.

John DeFrancisco

Retiring state senators a threat to Republican majority

The just-announced plans of state Sens. Kathy Marchione, John DeFrancisco and John Bonacic to step down give Republicans more reason to worry about their place in Albany

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