John Flanagan

New York State

John Flanagan’s short-lived stint as majority leader

In this week’s City & State cover story, we recount the rise and fall of John Flanagan – and explore whether, after losing so many seats in 2018, he has a viable pathway back to power.

New York City

NYC hit its limit on charter schools

New York City will finally hit the limit on charter schools allowed in the five boroughs this month.

Hakeem Jeffries

The most unlikely allies in New York politics

Hakeem Jeffries and the Koch brothers. E.J. McMahon and Julia Salazar. John Flanagan and Carl Heastie. These are just a few of the strange bedfellows Albany has made.

Joseph Griffo

Filling in for John Flanagan

Upstate Republican Joseph Griffo discusses his stint as acting GOP Senate leader.

Andrew Cuomo

The Democratic divide

The new state Senate majority won’t count for much if urban and suburban lawmakers don’t play nice.

Letitia James

Peters dismissed, Flanagan holds on and NYCHA plan denied

The race for New York City public advocate started to take shape, Mark Peters is fired, John Flanagan keeps his Republican leadership position in the state Senate and there's no deal for NYCHA in this week's political news.

John Flanagan

Does the NY GOP need new leadership?

Losses in last week’s elections have Flanagan and Cox’s rivals angling.

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John Flanagan

Five things to watch for on Election Day

The New York elections will decide who will have control of Congress and the state Senate, test the GOP’s appeal – and de Blasio’s.

New York State

Out on parole, and turning out to vote

The governor granted thousands of parolees the right to vote. The GOP went on the attack. So what do parolees have to say?

New York State

Senate incumbents face the consequences of the teacher evaluations fight

State Senate incumbents face the consequences of the teacher evaluations fight as New York's teachers union is targeting the lawmakers who failed them during session.

Sheldon Silver

Seven years for Silver, Daily News staff slashed, speed cameras stall

In this week's headlines, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was sentenced, for a second time, to seven years in prison, Tronc slashed the editorial workforce at the Daily News, and New York City's speed camera program was suspended due to inaction in Albany.

Long Island

Will the blue wave obliterate the Long Island Nine?

If the Democrats want to retake the state Senate, they may need to undo decades of GOP control on the island.

Todd Kaminsky

The Long Island Nine

Long Island has nine seats in the state Senate, often unimaginatively referred to as the “Long Island Nine.” They constitute a powerful voting bloc in the chamber

New York State

Session wraps up after standoff over speed camera reauthorization

New York's legislative session wrapped up with few surprises, but plenty of frozen desserts.