Julia Salazar

New York State

Who is the real estate industry giving to in Albany?

REBNY’s political capital had to go somewhere during the fight over rent regulations.

New York State

Celebrating the 2019 Albany 40 Under 40

Photos of City & State’s gala recognizing the latest crop of rising stars in the state capital.


Are millennials taking over New York politics?

The 2019 Albany 40 Under 40 reflects millennials' rising influence. 

New York City

Scott Stringer, millennial for mayor

New York City comptroller Scott Stringer wants you to know he’s woke AF.

New York State

Turncoat turns back: Simcha Felder joins Democratic state Senate majority

Letting state Sen. Simcha Felder into the Democratic state Senate conference has advantages for the Democrats as well as Felder, and his key votes issues – like driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants – helped pave the way.

New York State

Swing voters still exist, and matter, in the state Senate

A review of legislative votes and interviews with lawmakers shows that the size of the Democrats’ majority has allowed a few different strains of legislators to position themselves as swing voters throughout the session.

New York City

In Queens DA contest, Tiffany Cabán is the leftest of them all

Among the seven Queens District Attorney candidates, Tiffany Cabán's platform would take the office the furthest to the left.

Bill de Blasio

Where New York Democrats stand on Israel

Recent events have brought fault lines over Israel and Palesine within New York’s Democratic Party to the surface. Here is where politically powerful New York Democrats line up on Israel.

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New York State

Zellnor Myrie, a “Mariano Rivera” in the state Senate

Brooklyn state Sen. Zellnor Myrie outlines what he and his allies are hoping to accomplish during the remainder of the legislative session.

New York City Council

Progressives should primary Assembly Democrats

It's a lot easier to tackle an Assembly primary than other New York elections, which is why Ross Barkan argues, progressives should primary Assembly Democrats.

Hakeem Jeffries

The most unlikely allies in New York politics

Hakeem Jeffries and the Koch brothers. E.J. McMahon and Julia Salazar. John Flanagan and Carl Heastie. These are just a few of the strange bedfellows Albany has made.

New York City

How key players are reacting to Amazon’s pull-out from NYC

New York politicians and other key players react to Amazon's decision to pull out of its major HQ2 deal in New York City.

Julia Salazar

Julia Salazar isn’t taking a back seat

Julia Salazar talks about her universal rent control bill, Albany, the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act, and her hopes for the future.

Julia Salazar

To combat dark money, New York needs fair elections

State senator Julia Salazar makes the case for comprehensive campaign finance reform, with a public financing system, to keep big money out of politics.