Jumaane Williams

New York City

NYC construction safety bill tweaked, again

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams’ bill is meant to expand opportunities for training.

New York City

Protests of churro ladies’ arrests won’t help them as much as changing laws

NYC has failed to reform its vending laws. Perhaps its elected officials should do something about that.

Joseph Borelli

Joe Borelli fights for the silent minority in public advocate debate

New York City Councilman Joe Borelli, the Republican nominee for public advocate, showed in Tuesday night’s debate with incumbent Jumaane Williams that he is fighting for New Yorkers “who aren't out there protesting” – the silent minority of conservatives in his city.

New York City

NYC schools begin contacting 9/11 survivors about health risks

Students and teachers near ground zero were exposed to toxins. They’re only being told now.

New York City

Evaluating Jumaane Williams’ proposal to reform mental health crisis response

Experts advocate minimizing police involvement in responding to mental health crises.

Corey Johnson

Takeaways from the first Public Campaign Financing Commission hearing

The Public Campaign Financing Commission held its first two hearings on Tuesday, one for experts to testify and one for public testimony. At the first of two hearings on Tuesday, 17 experts testified before the commission, with 20 minutes each to make their cases. The second saw hundreds of New Yorkers – including elected officials – show up to testify for up to three minutes. Here’s what hearings suggested about the commission’s direction.

New York City

Could Cardi B sway the 2020 presidential election?

The outspoken Bronx native joins forces with Bernie Sanders.

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New York City

Why does the NYPD keep getting doused with water?

A guide to the summer’s most politically explosive Ice Bucket Challenge.

New York City

Do aspiring politicians still need to pay their dues?

Previously, aspiring politicians started at the bottom, paid their dues and waited to be tapped for higher office — now, incumbents are refusing to wait in line.

New York City

What’s in a Times endorsement?

The New York Times editorial board endorsed Tiffany Cabán on Tuesday, but do the newspaper’s endorsements sway election outcomes? City & State had a look at the Times editorial board’s endorsements in the past three years.

New York City

Louis joins growing Haitian-American population in politics

Farah Louis is just the latest in a string of Haitian-Americans to win elected office in New York, as Haitian-American political power spreads across the state.

Jumaane Williams

What to watch for in the race to replace Jumaane Williams

Eight candidates are on the ballot to become the next New York City Council member for the 45th Council District, on Tuesday. Here are five things to watch in the race.

Zellnor Myrie

A new generation of progressive pols

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hardly stands alone as a fast-rising non-white progressive New York elected official. From new state senators to the New York City public advocate and the City Council, a new generation is taking the reins.

New York City

Borelli on running for a 'remarkably useless' office

New York City Councilman Joe Borelli talked to City & State about breaking bread with Williams, sticking with Trump and why he doesn’t want to be like Scott Stringer.