Latrice Walker

Jumaane Williams

Instant runoff voting would tame the overloaded public advocate race

A candidate in a crowded field can win with little actual support. Here’s how to fix it.

Latrice Walker

Latrice Walker's plan to advocate, agitate, legislate and litigate

With a special election set for Feb. 26, Brooklyn Assemblywoman Latrice Walker has under two months to win a tough race to be the next New York City public advocate. But she says she’s a perfect fit for the position, whose role is “to advocate, agitate, legislate and litigate.”

Michael Bloomberg

New York political predictions for 2019

What bills will the Democratic state Legislature pass? Will Amazon’s new office in Queens move forward – as is? Who will be New York City’s next public advocate? We reached out to a half dozen New York experts and insiders for their political predictions for 2019.

New York City

Who has the most cash already to run for public advocate?

A look at the campaign finances on hand for the New York City Public Advocate race.

Latrice Walker

Diagnosing Central Brooklyn’s health care needs

Central Brooklyn is a "hospital desert" according to Assemblywoman Latrice Walker.


My journey shows why specialized high school admissions must change

Today, as a state legislator I find myself in an interesting position; I am often in the middle of key debates regarding the segregation of our city’s schools. And I wonder how it is we are still wrestling with the same divisive issues that dominated our country more than 60 years ago.

New York State

Seeking a balance of power sources


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