Marcus Molinaro

Andrew Cuomo

Proud Boys brawl, Dems raise cash and Cuomo leads in the polls

Proud Boys brawl in Manhattan, Dems perform well in congressional races and Cuomo leads in the polls

New York State

Why nobody's debating this election season

New York candidates are playing it safe by avoiding debates. It happens more often than you might think.

Donald Trump

New York GOP’s Trumpification is complete

New York’s Republican Party has endorsed misogyny and white nationalism – or, at minimum, declared them to be scourges less worrisome than vandalism.

Marcus Molinaro

Molinaro’s voting record

GOP candidate for governor Marc Molinaro claims to be a moderate. Did he vote that way in Albany?

New York State

Lessons of the 1918 gubernatorial election

What Cuomo and Molinaro can learn from Al Smith’s victory a century ago.

Marcus Molinaro

Is Marc Molinaro the next George Pataki?

Marc Molinaro is an appealing GOP candidate who is strikingly similar to New York’s last Republican governor. But George Pataki never had to contend with President Donald Trump.

Andrew Cuomo

What has JCOPE actually done?

JCOPE has been blasted by Cuomo’s gubernatorial rivals. Should it be replaced?

Andrew Cuomo

Statewide candidates vie for most signatures, small donors

Here are the numbers of petitions and fundraising counts for prominent candidates running for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

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Why nothing is happening in Albany

Although there is still time for the legislative session to heat up, especially since voting will likely go late into the night on Tuesday, many in Albany are not expecting any surprises. The relative calm is due to the fact that Republicans control the state Senate but lack the majority needed to pass bills.

Andrew Cuomo

A lawsuit, a bus tour and a budget deal

New York Attorney General files a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, Governor Andrew Cuomo goes on a bus tour, a NYCHA settlement is reached and New York City has a budget deal in this week's top news.

Carl Paladino

Paladino: Molinaro backs Trump, and the rest of the GOP should too

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino says the Marc Molinaro, the GOP's nominee against Gov. Andrew Cuomo this year, is supportive of President Donald Trump - and the rest of the party should be, too.

Marcus Molinaro

Five things to know about New York’s Republican convention

Who’s willing to take on some of New York's most powerful politicians? The Republican Party has struggled to find worthy candidates, but they’ll officially settle on their slate for the four statewide elected positions this week.

Marcus Molinaro

Marcus Molinaro vs. the Empire

Marcus Molinaro on how to beat Cuomo – and which "Star Wars" character he sees himself as.