Marisol Alcantara

Andrew Cuomo

Republicans for Cuomo are still quietly for Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has moved to the left, but supporters of his who were members of a Republicans for Cuomo group don’t seem to mind.

Jeff Klein

Inside the IDC’s legally questionable campaign funding account

The state Board of Elections ruled that former state Senate Independent Democratic Conference members must return funds from a committee set up by the Independence Party. Here’s an explainer on what was illegal, whether the IDC will actually pay back the money, and more.

Linda Rosenthal

Linda Rosenthal jumps on the Robert Jackson bandwagon

Add Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal to the growing list of lawmakers who have endorsed state Senate candidate Robert Jackson.

Ruben Diaz Sr.

'What you should know' about Rubén Díaz Sr.’s bizarre column

Diaz’s penchant for writing political missives using his government email address has gotten him into hot water recently. On Monday, the city Council’s Committee on Standards and Ethics held a hearing about Díaz’s alleged use of government email to send political messages to staffers and colleagues.

New York State Senate

Robert Jackson has been lobbying for Big Styrofoam

State Senate candidate Robert Jackson has made more than $100,000 since 2015 lobbying for a styrofoam company with potential regulatory matters before the state Legislature.


New York should protect its courts from ICE

The Protect Our Courts Act would protect immigrant New Yorkers while attending court.

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