Martin Dilan

New York City

Key statewide and state legislative primary races to watch

Cuomo-Nixon, Hochul-Williams, the AG free-for-all and the ex-IDC challenges are all key storylines this election Thursday.

Julia Salazar

Family members question Julia Salazar’s claims

Based on interviews with her mother and brother, and Julia Salazar herself, City & State has discovered additional, previously unreported, instances of Salazar falsely presenting her background and others that are, while not technically untrue, would strike many – including her brother – as misleading.

Julia Salazar

There are many Julia Salazars. Which one is running for state Senate?

Julia Salazar is under fire for misleading claims about her personal history.

Martin Dilan

Salazar takes aim at Dilan’s tenants rights record in state Senate primary

Julia Salazar, a socialist Democrat who is mounting a primary challenge against state Sen. Martin Dilan, says he is too cozy with real estate. Dilan's defenders says Salazar doesn't even know the Brooklyn district.

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