Max Rose

New York City

Do aspiring politicians still need to pay their dues?

Previously, aspiring politicians started at the bottom, paid their dues and waited to be tapped for higher office — now, incumbents are refusing to wait in line.

New York City

Max Rose versus the world

With Donald Trump back on the ballot, Max Rose will have to win over conservatives to keep his House seat.

alessandra biaggi

‘Arena’ is focusing on New York City

The Arena, a national progressive group, is trying a new tack in New York City: launching this week Five Borough Future, a new campaign to restructure the political process in the city and the state.

New York State

Modern-day carpetbagging

New Yorkers have relocated for political gain for generations.

New York State

Republicans target four New York Democrats in 2020

The National Republican Congressional Committee is looking to oust three freshman Democrats from New York – Reps. Max Rose, Antonio Delgado and Anthony Brindisi – and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

New York City

St. Patrick’s Day parade controversy continues on Staten Island

Issues persist when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day parades around the city including gay, lesbian and transgender New Yorkers to walk in parades under their own banner.

New York State

New York delegation lands prime House committee assignments

Most New York members of Congress will serve on House committees corresponding to their districts and interests. Pelosi detractors will not.

Nancy Pelosi

Why some New York members of Congress are against Pelosi

Despite the state’s progressive reputation, its moderates may oppose the first woman House Speaker returning to power.

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Max Rose

Tuesday’s lesson for congressional candidates: Run local. Run moderate.

Democratic congressional winners Max Rose, Anthony Brindisi and Antonio Delgado reap the rewards of campaigning as centrists in Trump country.

New York State

New York House general election results 2018

How Democrats perform in the Empire State will signal whether the party can take the House.

New York State

How our readers’ predictions match up with voter polls

Readers are predicting large margins of Democratic victories where voter polls indicate a tight race.

Max Rose

Max Rose’s 'Staten Island first' strategy

Democrat Max Rose has distanced himself from his party and focused on local issues.

Tom Reed

Previewing New York's most competitive congressional races

New York congressional districts that are currently in play, according to rankings by the Cook Political Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball or Inside Elections with Nathan Gonzalez/Roll Call.

Andrew Cuomo

Proud Boys brawl, Dems raise cash and Cuomo leads in the polls

Proud Boys brawl in Manhattan, Dems perform well in congressional races and Cuomo leads in the polls