Melinda Katz

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Katz: We all want the same things in our family

The presumptive Queens DA gave her first public speech after Cabán’s concession.

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With Katz on the way out, who’s running for Queens borough president?

Melinda Katz has secured the DA nomination. A large field is shaping up to replace her.


Judge says fire Pantaleo, de Blasio’s debate and Cabán goes to court

NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo's firing was recommended by a Judge for the death of Eric Garner, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had a disappointing second debate and Tiffany Cabán heads to court over the Queens DA recount in This Week's Headlines.

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Could Cabán still beat Katz?

The Democratic campaigns for Queens district attorney are back in court today to litigate the fate of more than 100 affidavit ballots. Here are the three main questions that could determine which side prevails.

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Katz claims victory in Queens DA primary

But there’s still 114 contested ballots left to contend with.

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Scott Stringer, millennial for mayor

New York City comptroller Scott Stringer wants you to know he’s woke AF.

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The Queens DA recount by the numbers

The recount has begun in the Democratic primary for Queens district attorney, in New York’s own version of Bush v. Gore. Here are some of the other numbers that go into determining the race.

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Should New York’s elections be reformed?

The contested Queens district attorney race has some up in arms about the fairness of New York’s elections.

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Poll: Should New Yorkers trust local elections?

The Queens district attorney race recount has some questioning their faith in the democratic process.

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Cabán campaign shows WFP’s real purpose

While technically a minor political party in New York, the WFP has evolved into a top-notch political consultant and political action committee and that is their real value in the political process, writes Ross Barkan.

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State law on affidavit ballots could determine the Queens DA race

The recount and battle over affidavit ballots in the Queens district attorney Democratic primary are confusing, but we’ve got answers to the key questions as to how state law will shape the final result.


Katz claims victory in Queens DA race, with recount coming

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz declared victory with a 20-vote lead over Tiffany Cabán, who had declared victory in the Queens district attorney Democratic primary.

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How Cabán made fools of us all

In this week’s magazine, we take a closer look at the factors that propelled Tiffany Cabán to the verge of an upset while assessing the Queens establishment’s failure to deliver for Queens borough president Melinda Katz.

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Cabán likely to face pushback within Queens DA’s office

If she becomes Queens district attorney, Tiffany Cabán will have to manage career prosecutors and other staff who may not welcome the young progressive’s “decarceral” policy agenda.

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Bob Holden is catching up on all this tech stuff

The new chair of the City Council’s Committee on Technology and Queens native weighs in on the city’s tech priorities and the “shocking” results of the Queens DA race.