Michael Bloomberg

Jumaane Williams

Jumaane Williams’ crusade to diminish support for Bloomberg

The New York City public advocate keeps slamming the former mayor’s record.


Bloomberg plays defense again in second debate

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg performed somewhat better in his second presidential debate, but he was still under attack and missed some opportunities to fight back.


Will Bloomberg’s mayoral record block his presidential nomination?

The former New York City mayor’s plan to distance himself from his controversial record isn’t going as planned.


Bloomberg’s past is slammed during Democratic debate

During his first presidential debate, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was attacked on stop and frisk, his wealth and sexual harassment lawsuits.


How will Bloomberg perform on the debate stage?

It’s not his first time at the rodeo, after all.

Donald Trump

Who said it – Bloomberg or Trump?

Take our quiz: Can you tell which billionaire made these demeaning remarks?

Michael Bloomberg

The Bloomberg campaign hits Caucus Weekend

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign sought to recruit supporters at the annual legislative conference organized by the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators.

Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s misleading comments on stop-and-frisk

The former NYC mayor’s justification for the racial breakdown of stop-and-frisk isn’t supported by data.


Michael Bloomberg: Movin’ on up

Why black voters are turning to the former champion of stop and frisk.

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Michael Bloomberg

We made Bloomberg some dank memes

What if Bloomberg made memes … that were actually funny?

Puerto Rico

Bloomberg’s plan to win over Latino voters

Among other moves, the former New York City mayor embraced Puerto Rican statehood.


Can only a New Yorker like Bloomberg handle Trump’s bullying?

The former mayor’s campaign had a sharp rebuke for the president.

New York City

Is de Blasio jealous of Bloomberg’s presidential bid?

His constant chiding of the former mayor sure makes Hizzoner look like a green-eyed monster.

New York City

Report details toxic frat boy culture at Bloomberg LP

All the ways Mike Bloomberg has been accused of fostering a misogynistic work environment.


All the former mayor’s men – and a woman

The old Michael Bloomberg City Hall and campaign hands working to win him the presidency.