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Another ‘Year of the Woman’?

New York women are jumping into congressional races in higher numbers.

Cynthia Nixon

WFP backs Nixon, parolees get to vote and the IDC downsizes

WFP backs Cynthia Nixon, parolees get to vote and the IDC downsizes

Liz Krueger

Kicking the bag down the road

Billions of plastic bags clog sewage plants, pollute waterways and cling to trees and lampposts in New York City. And Albany won’t let the city stop it.

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How the school aid formula became unrecognizable

In the state budget, the governor included a requirement that school districts submit information to the state outlining how they will distribute aid to each of their schools. But the governor’s new transparency mandate is seen by many in the education community as an attempt to divert attention from a much more complicated and costly issue: how aid is divided up among school districts.

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Cuomo’s “disingenuous” estimate of NYC's surplus

Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked New York City to pony up more money for the subways in a speech on Thursday – but the de Blasio administration shot down the budget numbers he used as evidence as “completely disingenuous.”

Andrew Cuomo

New skyscrapers near Penn Station are a good idea

New skyscrapers near Penn Station are the ideal way to finance the station's reconstruction.

Andrew Cuomo

How NY state closed the projected $4.4 billion budget deficit

It wasn't as painful as some feared, but future shortfalls still loom.

Andrew Cuomo

Takeaways from the final 2018-19 state budget

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday evening announced a deal on a $168.3 billion state budget. Hours earlier, the spending plan had been in doubt, due to standoffs over such issues as state oversight of yeshivas and the early departure of state lawmakers for Passover, which began on Friday, and for Easter Sunday – which is also the start of the new fiscal year.

Andrew Cuomo

Final budget deal close as lawmakers vote on first spending bills

State lawmakers eager to leave the Capitol before religious holidays this weekend inched closer to a budget deal on Thursday night, even as negotiations stalled on multiple fronts.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo and legislative leaders inch closer to budget deal

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders inched ever closer to finalizing a deal for the state budget this week, but the news that caught the attention of Albany observers – and even CNN – was the arrest of a veteran reporter, Daily News Albany Bureau Chief Ken Lovett.

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Andrew Cuomo

Policy items dropping from state budget – for now

Some policy items are reportedly dropping out of the New York state budget talks, including the Child Victims Act, criminal justice reform and early voting.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo’s ‘half-baked’ health care revenue proposals

Budget analysts and industry advocates are puzzled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposals to raise revenue for the state by drawing $1 billion from the corporate veins of the state’s health care industry. They call the raft of taxes and fees unreliable resources and poor policy. Lawmakers, likewise, have scrubbed elements of those proposals from their budget plans.

Andrew Cuomo

What to watch for in the final week of state budget talks

With the New York state budget deadline pending and several issues left unresolved, here are the things to watch as the spending plan is finalized this week.

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Jared Kushner lied to NYC because he could get away with it

The Kushner Cos. filing of false paperwork on rent-regulated units and efforts to expel tenants is a failure of not just the companys integrity, but of state and local law. With the incentive structure of state rent regulations and a two-tiered legal system in which corporations get a slap on the wrist for ripping off the public while the poor go to jail for drug possession, actions like Kushner’s are inevitable.

Andrew Cuomo

School officials want an extra $1.6 billion. Cuomo offered $769 million.

New York's state budget is due soon, and funding for education remains unresolved. City & State spoke with state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia about the funding levels she would like to see for New York's schools and the governor's less generous proposal, as well as as what her department is doing to protect the rights of transgender students. 

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo, don’t cut child welfare funding

Gov. Andrew Cuomo would undo two decades of progress on child welfare funding by slashing New York City's resources.

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Could the long-stalled state DREAM Act finally advance this year?

As the national debate rages about the DREAM Act, the New York state version is back in the spotlight as well. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has included it as an education priority in his executive budget, and the Assembly has included the bill in its budget resolution as well, although state Senate Republicans remain opposed.