New York State Senate

New York State

Bills to watch in the final week of the 2021 legislative session

A lot of big proposals remain up in the air as June 10 approaches.

New York State

It sure is hard to watch Assembly committee meetings online

City & State recorded them on a busy day this week to help Speaker Carl Heastie up his digital game.

Zellnor Myrie

Zellnor Myrie wants to give NY a clean slate

The state Senator spoke to City & State about why he’s pushing to automatically seal and expunge the records of formerly incarcerated individuals.

New York State

Savino to introduce bill allowing gig workers to unionize

While some lawmakers approve of the compromise legislation, there’s not much time left in the session to pass it.


Legislation to watch in the final weeks of the 2021 session

A dozen outstanding bills remain on criminal justice reforms, single-payer health care and more.

New York Health Act

Progressives are enlisting businesses in support of New York Health Act

A successful single-payer system would give employees of small businesses more access to health care.

New York State

NY Legislature moves to make COVID-19 workplace rules permanent

Just when the Heroes Act takes effect depends on Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Rachel May

Rachel May, a different kind of upstate Democrat

The IDC-slaying state senator is showing that you don’t have to be a moderate to win.


Budget vote exposes Democratic divisions

Some moderates voted against the revenue bill, while Democratic Socialists changed their vote at the last minute.

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Interviews & Profiles

Shelley Mayer: Show me the education money

The state Senate education chair says new federal money should supplement, not replace, state funding.

New York State

Where Democrats draw the line

Will the party defer to the Independent Redistricting Commission, or use its supermajorities to try to retain control of Congress?

New York State

New state lawmakers from Rochester spearhead policing reform

Elected officials take on mental health crisis response, police residency requirements and qualified immunity after Daniel Prude decision.

alessandra biaggi

One woman who could bring down Gov. Andrew Cuomo

No matter what happens to the governor, state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi will likely play a big role.


3 things to know about Velmanette Montgomery’s legacy

The longtime lawmaker broke barriers for women and Black people alike in the halls of state power.

Andrew Cuomo

The backlash to the Cuomo backlash has begun

Some political countercurrents are helping Gov. Andrew Cuomo weather the nursing home political storm.

Andrew Cuomo

How will the Legislature revoke Cuomo’s emergency powers?

There’s no consensus yet on how to curb Cuomo’s expanded powers, but those powers may not be gone for good.