Nita Lowey

New York State

Who’s running for Rep. Nita Lowey’s seat

Three Democrats are already in the race, which may draw Republican attention too.

New York State

Will the House condemn Trump’s comments on 'disloyal' Jews?

A resolution was introduced to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments regarding Israel, but its backers from New York have no such plans for Trump.

Bill de Blasio

Where New York Democrats stand on Israel

Recent events have brought fault lines over Israel and Palesine within New York’s Democratic Party to the surface. Here is where politically powerful New York Democrats line up on Israel.

New York State

New York delegation lands prime House committee assignments

Most New York members of Congress will serve on House committees corresponding to their districts and interests. Pelosi detractors will not.

Nita Lowey

Lowey on leveraging leadership on the Appropriations Committee

The congresswoman promises to fight against the border wall, for Planned Parenthood.

New York State

Cuomo calls on Congress to protect SALT deductions

Since the IRS has blocked Cuomo’s workaround measures, it’s on Congress to preserve SALT deductibility.

New York City

New York’s 2018 congressional primary election results

Tracking the winners and losers in each district.

New York State

Who is running for Congress in New York?

A comprehensive list every person who has filed to run for Congress in New York.

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Charles Schumer

New York lawmakers and their State of the Union guests

The annual State of the Union address isn’t just an opportunity for the president to make a political statement, but for lawmakers to do so as well – only instead of a long speech, members of Congress bring guests who reflect and represent their political priorities.