NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

New York City

New York City to pass water tank reforms

In a rebuke of city health officials, the New York City Council plans to pass seven new laws tightening oversight and regulation of thousands of rooftop drinking water tanks, citing evidence of contamination, widespread neglect, and lax oversight by agency officials.

New York City

NYC failed to enforce water tank law, council health chair finds

After neglect in New York City water tank inspection was exposed, seven reform bills weighed.

Health Care

Public health is more than just doctors and hospitals

Key New York City officials on the social determinants of health, community-based nonprofits and medical care in the Trump era.

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Facing a doctor shortage, NYC looks to Grenada

New York City is facing a doctor shortage. NYC’s struggling public hospitals look to a controversial med school in the Caribbean.

Kemp Hannon

Making New York City a primary care town

Visits to primary care providers are down. What would New York policymakers do to revitalize primary health care?


Council speaker calls emergency meeting on NYCHA’s water tanks

New York City elected officials and tenants’ advocates denounced the deteriorating condition of the rooftop water tanks that supply drinking water to New York City Housing Authority tenants, following a report by City & State which revealed dozens of cases of contamination – including birds, rodents, and insects in the tanks – that were never reported to city health officials, as the law requires.

New York City

DOI to investigate 'city’s failure' on water tanks

Councilman Torres to trigger official investigation of the city’s rooftop drinking water tanks, while he and Levine craft legislative response.

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