NYC Environmental Protection

New York City

Lax oversight, dubious testing in water tanks pose health risks

Cockroaches, dead pigeons and animal feces could all be in your drinking water – and NYC wouldn’t even know

Steve Englebright

Can New York keep climate change at bay?

A discussion on sustainability with New York City and state's leading environmental officials.

New York City

When environmental protection becomes personal

An interview with New York City Council Committee Chairman Costa Constantinides


New York’s 4 biggest environmental threats

New York’s biggest environmental threats: How the state is addressing them and where it’s falling short.

Andrew Cuomo

How fishermen could thwart Cuomo’s offshore wind master plan

Offshore wind turbines are a critical part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's clean energy mandate to generate 50 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable energy. But a few humble fishermen are threatening to derail the governor’s goals with a federal lawsuit they believe is their last best shot to save their livelihoods.

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