Phil Boyle

Long Island

Will the blue wave obliterate the Long Island Nine?

If the Democrats want to retake the state Senate, they may need to undo decades of GOP control on the island.

Todd Kaminsky

The Long Island Nine

Long Island has nine seats in the state Senate, often unimaginatively referred to as the “Long Island Nine.” They constitute a powerful voting bloc in the chamber

New York City

State Senate stalemate, Trump endorses Donovan and Weinstein indicted

State Senate stalemate, Trump endorses Donovan and Harvey Weinstein indicted in this week's top news.

New York State

Republicans weaponize mom & pop

New York Senate GOP’s economic agenda takes aim at leftward-shifting Democrats

New York State

The other reason the Dems don’t control New York

Rich Schaffer has made Suffolk County politics in his image, but at what cost?

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