Police Brutality

Police Brutality

Chauvin guilty on all counts

New York lawmakers react after a jury convicted the former Minneapolis police officer of murdering George Floyd.

New York State

New state lawmakers from Rochester spearhead policing reform

Elected officials take on mental health crisis response, police residency requirements and qualified immunity after Daniel Prude decision.

Police Benevolent Association

Why are cops rarely charged or convicted when they kill in the line of duty?

A grand jury declined to indict police officers involved in the death of Daniel Prude in Rochester last year. That’s not a huge surprise.

Criminal justice

Putting Cuomo’s small-town police reform praise into perspective

An annotated press release of the governor’s statement on the village of Lowville “reinventing and modernizing” its police department.


NYPD allows Borough Park protesters to break law with impunity

Heavy-handed tactics against Black Lives Matter protests were absent Tuesday night.

Criminal justice

No-knock search warrants may be heading out the door in New York

After nearly two decades of inaction, Breonna Taylor’s death may lead to reforms.

Criminal justice

What’s next for the police reform movement

While NYC has quieted down, activists are gearing up for their next big fights.

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Police Brutality

Should police respond to mental health calls?

The death of Daniel Prude in Rochester has prompted calls to reimagine mental health crisis response.

Police Brutality

Police brutality is prevalent statewide in NY

New York City has no monopoly on alleged police misconduct and systemic racism in law enforcement.

New York City

Chi Ossé, the activist candidate

New York City’s marches and protests against police brutality invigorated the 22-year-old candidate.

Police Brutality

Viral video of protester’s arrest shows regular occurrence for New Yorkers of color

Arrests by plainclothes officers in unmarked vehicles are common in low-income communities of color say some advocates and legislators.