Richard Gottfried

New York State

Health care proposals are heating up

Vaccination, the New York Health Act, and other major health-related bills lawmakers are considering as the window for passage quickly closes.

New York State

No state Senate single-payer vote before 2020

New York won’t be passing a state-level single-payer health care system this year, but that hasn’t kept the sparks from flying as proponents clash with industry critics who say such a proposal is unworkable.

New York Health Act

Gottfried and Rivera make the case for single-payer health care

With the state Legislature firmly in Democratic hands, single-payer health care has never been closer to becoming a reality in New York state.

Health Care

Is it finally Richard Gottfried’s year for single-payer?

Despite large Democratic majorities in the state Senate and Assembly, lawmakers from Long Island and the Hudson Valley say they do not see single-payer happening anytime soon.

Health Care

Support long-term care services in the New York Health Act

The New York Health Act has been reintroduced this session and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, state Sen. Gustavo Rivera and advocates statewide are showing how it can be changed for the better, including a new amendment which includes comprehensive long-term care services.

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New York’s vegetarian and vegan politicians

New York politicians explain why they decided to go meatless and their favorite vegan and vegetarian meals.

Health Care

Albany’s checklist of health care bills

From codifying Roe v. Wade to legalizing recreational marijuana.

Health Care

Has single-payer health care’s time finally come?

Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to back the New York Health Act.

Health Care

If New York legalizes pot, what happens to its medical marijuana program?

Recreational and medicinal marijuana markets could coexist, but with inconsistencies.

Kemp Hannon

Making New York City a primary care town

Visits to primary care providers are down. What would New York policymakers do to revitalize primary health care?

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Corey Johnson

Bellevue homeless shelter’s neglected water tank

Homeless men at Bellevue homeless shelter were being served drinking water from a neglected wooden water tank that, until a few days ago, had never been cleaned, inspected or tested – in violation of city law and the health code.

Richard Gottfried

Gottfried's Janus workaround reopens labor debate

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried's plan would allow unions to collect reimbursement for the costs of collective bargaining from the state rather than from employees who opt out through agency fees. Conservatives argue that Gottfried’s bill would also be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority because they believe it to fall under compelled speech.

New York State

The other argument for recreational pot

State lawmakers tout the potential health benefits of opening marijuana up to everyone.

Carlina Rivera

Health care officials offer diagnoses for New York's funding challenges

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Health + Hospitals' Mitchell Katz and New York City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera offer diagnoses for New York's health funding challenges.