Robert Mujica

Andrew Cuomo

Lawmakers continue push for mobile sports betting

Despite a proposal to make mobile sports betting legal falling short in budget talks, legislators want to pass a bill by June.

Robert Mujica

Robert Mujica, the money man in Albany, on congestion pricing in the state budget

State Budget Director Robert Mujica says the MTA will factor into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s upcoming budget updates.

Andrew Cuomo

What is the Public Authorities Control Board?

Why the Public Authorities Control Board, a little-known state entity, could derail the plan to bring Amazon’s new headquarters to Queens.

New York

Is New York prepared for a fiscal disaster?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo closed a projected $3.1 billion deficit with his executive budget proposal this week, but New York’s finances are still vulnerable to two potential disruptions beyond its control: a volatile economy and the whims of the Trump administration.

Robert Mujica

Previewing the Somos el Futuro 2018 Albany conference

This weekend, the annual spring Somos el Futuro conference in Albany gets underway. The nonprofit Somos organization partners with state lawmakers to discuss matters that are critical to New York’s Hispanic population, including health care, education and economic development. National debates on immigration and Puerto Rico are also bound to come up.

Andrew Cuomo

‘The beauty of the budget’ with Robert Mujica

After two decades crunching budget numbers at the Capitol, state Budget Director Robert Mujica is facing what he called the state’s most challenging budget in years.

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