Ruben Diaz Sr.

Ruben Diaz Jr.

Son of a preacher man

Ruben Diaz Jr. has chipped away at some of the Bronx’s nagging stereotypes, and is hoping to replicate these successes citywide as he runs for mayor. And you can bet he’ll use his greatest asset: a natural, affable charm. Early on, he is lagging on fundraising and name recognition – but perhaps his biggest challenge is the behavior of his father, the Rev. Rubén Díaz Sr.

New York City

Could MMV’s congressional run hand Rubén Díaz Sr. the seat?

The oversaturated pool of progressives could benefit the conservative cowboy-hatted councilman.

Ruben Diaz Sr.

Will the Bronx elect a cowboy-hatted congressman?

Four candidates have already declared for the Democratic primary to replace Rep. José E. Serrano, which will be held next summer and, much to the surprise of outsiders, New York City Councilman Rubén Díaz Sr. may be a serious contender.

Ruben Diaz Sr.

Rubén Díaz Sr.’s habit of offending

New York City Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. is once again provoking outrage, suggesting he wouldn’t report sexual harassment since doing so would make him a “rat.” This is hardly the first rodeo for the cowboy hat-wearing councilman, who has a history of offensive comments.

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The free-for-all to replace Rep. Jose Serrano

New Yorkers are bound to see an intense race for New York’s 15th Congressional District, now that Rep. José E. Serrano has announced his retirement, here are all of the people gunning for his seat, and those who are still on the fence about entering the race.

New York City

NYC hit its limit on charter schools

New York City will finally hit the limit on charter schools allowed in the five boroughs this month.

Ruben Diaz Sr.

Why Amanda Farias is challenging Rubén Díaz Sr.

Councilman Rubén Díaz Sr.’s recent anti-gay remarks prompted Amanda Farias to announce another bid for his seat.


Amazon breaks up with NYC and sexual harassment victims speak in Albany

Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with President Donald Trump, the state Legislature held a hearing on sexual harassment, the NYC Council dissolved Councilman Rubén Díaz Sr.’s committee and the MTA offered some details about the new L train repair plan.

New York City

New York lawmakers who have been kicked off their committees

Rubén Díaz Sr.'s newly created For-Hire Vehicles Committee will be dissolved following his anti-gay comments — but he's not the only politician to be kicked off of their committee.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rumble in the Bronx

The borough’s grassroots progressives broke through with stunning upset victories by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Alessandra Biaggi. Can they keep the insurgency going?

New York City

Which New York City Council member is under investigation?

The New York City Council’s Committee on Standards and Ethics met Thursday morning as it pursues a new investigation into “disorderly behavior” by a member of the legislative body – and so far, the lawmaker’s name is being kept secret.

Ruben Diaz Sr.

'What you should know' about Rubén Díaz Sr.’s bizarre column

Diaz’s penchant for writing political missives using his government email address has gotten him into hot water recently. On Monday, the city Council’s Committee on Standards and Ethics held a hearing about Díaz’s alleged use of government email to send political messages to staffers and colleagues.

Andrew Cuomo

New York doesn't do royal weddings, but it has its own royalty

New York doesn't have royalty, but the former colony seems fond of dynastic succession in politics.

New York City

How Uber is killing cabs

As Uber rises, yellow and green taxis are hitting the brakes.

New York State

Updated: Who’s on the ballot in state special elections?

In the New York state Legislature's special elections, 11 seats are open, nominees are chosen, and some races may be close.